We defeated SOPA and PIPA, but the battle is not over yet. You have another head on this hydra to slay, and it's getting frightfully little attention. Feel free to repost this anywhere you like.


1. ACTA isn’t the “European” SOPA. It’s nearly GLOBAL, and will apply to every country that signs the treaty.

2. ACTA is far more aggressive. ACTA will not simply affect websites and have them blocked out of the internet - its measures go as far as surveillance of anything you share through private channels.

3. ACTA doesn’t have a campaign against it that is as wide-spread and organized as the SOPA one. This is DANGEROUS, as there’s less time between now and the final signing of ACTA.

4. ACTA has effects on healthcare, trade, and even tourism.

5. ACTA has to be stopped.

Let’s start spreading the word and organizing a good, solid response to it.

More information:

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( Jan. 18th, 2011 09:00 pm)
I thought since I have begun interacting with people here again that I should actually update and remind everyone of who I am. Hello, I’m Alyx J Shaw, I am a published author, and I’m pretty much here to spread word of my works in the hope people will like them. If you would like to see a complete list of everything I have published, then you can locate everything here –>


I have a new short story coming out in a couple weeks, caled Sleepwalk With Me, and I hope you enjoy my writing. If you do, please tell a friend, if not, please do not throw things.
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( Sep. 3rd, 2010 04:33 pm)
Well it's been over a year since I was last here. I will be updating about my novels, books, yadda yadda, and just generally keeping a mirror-journal here of my LJ in case LJ succeeds in becoming uninhabitable.
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( Jul. 14th, 2009 06:42 pm)
Hi one and all, welcome to my journal. I'll be using this to shamelessly promote my fiction. I'm a sci-fi/fantasy writer. I just published my first trilogy, A Strange Place in Time, which you may, if so inclined, check out at my website here:


Many people these days seem to be of the opinion that fantasy is for little kids, featuring happy elves and cutesy singing bunnies and other tripe. While fantasy can be a lovely genre for children, I use it to create parables about the world we find ourselves in. So if you're looking for a nice book for your niece who just turned eight... please don't buy her mine. I doubt her mother will be amused.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2009 08:44 pm)
And again I say - ARF!!


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